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Life Tools delivered in Google Sheets or Docs, MS Office (Excel, Word) or PDF format.

Life Tools

  • Life Mission Statement – FREE!
    • Discover your life purpose and calling.
  • Life Goals WorksheetFREE!
    • Set goals and track progress based on your Life Mission Statement.
  • Life Decision Matrix – $9 or FREE with any Subscription
    • Evaluate options and make life’s big decisions about a spouse, church, children, home or major purchase, education, career, business and more.
  • Live Values WorksheetFREE!
    • Discover your values as input to your life mission and relationships. What is important to you?


  • Communications ProcessFREE! (PDF format)
    • Process for listening, talking and sharing dreams and feelings.
    • Includes suggestions for conflict, apologizing and forgiveness.
  • Marriage Quick Reference – FREE! (PDF format)
    • Communications Process plus Bible verses, tips for marriage and sex.


  • Checkpoint Budget Worksheet – $9 or FREE with any Subscription
    • Simply take a “checkpoint” monthly (or otherwise) to track income to expenses.
    • Includes basic (essential), lifestyle (non-essential) and other expenses.

Home and Business Tools

  • Local Community Business ListFREE with any Subscription (by email)
    • Support local business and find local suppliers.
  • Project Plan – $29 or FREE with Business Subscription
    • Plan your event, new home, existing renovation, education and so on.
    • Plan tasks, dates, who is assigned and hours planned, actual and remaining.
    • Plan costs of supplies and services.
    • For professional project management free estimate, Contact us!

and more to come…

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